Karz Insurance Review, Everything you need to know


Karz insurance is certainly not a new name when it comes to Insurances as regards to cars, they’ve been around for quite a while now, they’ve certainly stamped their authority as one of the most reliable Auto insurance companies out there.
Karz insurance is an Auto insurance referral company, they are slightly different from every other traditional insurance company as they have a duty to connect their customers with reputable local insurance companies to protect them according to their insurance needs.

Karz insurance was created to give car owners financial protection and peace of mind in the event of damage to their cars, theft or even total loss. In this blog post, we’ll give you a very comprehensive review on this insurance company, we were able to get these reviews by reading different reviews from their customers on different platforms.

In the course of this post, we’ll share you some of the reviews, by the end of this post, you should be able to make an informed decision as regards to Karz insurance. We’ll end the article with frequently asked questions and answers that we expect you might ask as regards to the article. Please do read to the end.

The power of reviews in decision making

Reviews are an important part of our decision making process in this information age, lack of review means you may be lacking the necessary information required to make an informed decision

We all want to make informed decisions, especially in the case of buying.

One way to get this desired information is from the company, but everyone says nice things about themselves so their judgement of their own product even may not be false, but can’t possibly be the whole truth.

We can’t take the opinion of their competitors either because it would have been motivated by the desire to water down.

That’s why reviews are powerful.
They’re the opinions of men and women who are honestly searching for a solution to their problems. A problem which you share.

And they’ve used the product which you are about to buy, and they’ve written their judgement of how the product solves their problem.

That’s why reviews are beautiful.

In the case of insurance companies, the impact of reviews is incredibly advantageous as every customer tends to make their decisions based on the experience of customers before them.

It is also important to note as we all know that not all reviews are honest and accurate. Some are not fully accurate while some are blatant lies.

But altogether, they’ll guide you to make a more informed decision. What to believe is left to the discretion of the decision maker alone.

Exploring Karz insurance

Karz insurance, as we had stated before, is in the business of providing tailored insurance for your vehicle, especially in the event of theft or total loss.

They have a variety of options which can range from liability coverage, to collision coverage, comprehensive coverage and many more.

Each of their various options is unique by their set of terms and conditions. But it is also important to note that Karz insurance is not an insurance company themselves typically.

They are rather an insurance referral company as their main duty is to connect customers with local insurance companies based on the options that the customer desires.

Karz Insurance reviews

Customer reviews on Karz insurance are quite good. In fact they are bad and raise lots of eye brows.

People are now questioning the legitimacy of Karz insurance and some have already dubbed them a scam.

We may not be able to tell if they are legitimate or not, we may not also be able to tell why they are having such a questionable reputation, What we can tell however is that fact that they have bad reviews.

To put that in perspective, over 70% of reviews about Karz insurance are negative. People complaining about a bad first experience, lack of transparency, rude staff, and many other unpleasant things all about Karz Insurance.

Some of the reviews

Here’s one from complaintsboard.com
Stole floor mats out of the car i got from them

“I am disabled person, my daughter took me here in good faith that these people would help me on my fixed income, and they sold me a car that had to be put in the shop, after they took my money is when they told me this.

What kind of person would do this to a handicap person, needing transportation, these people did, so you see the first week i drove it was a week after i bought it, it stayed in the shop for a whole week, now that’s not the bad part

when i got it back they told me i would have to pay for the service that was done on my car, scam artist, and then picked it up one day after i did not make my payment, i was out of town for a funeral and i left my car at my daughters house and called them and told them that i would be in on that monday and pay my car note and i was told that would be fine.

I got up that sunday came to get my car and it was gone, then mind you i go to pick my car up and they already got it on the lot with a dollar sign on it, and to cook the cake they stole my floor mats out of the car.

So i lost all the way around, i gave them my money and got took. Please do not go here to buy a car because they are nothing but rip offs. I also had just filled my car up with gas, aint that nothing

And one from bbb.com
I was told that the minor problems will be fixed without me having to pay anything my car stop on me and my small childrens in the middle of the street

I havent had this car a month and the transmission already went out I was told they will fix it and work with me towards payment but now they saying all theses other lies I just need help Im a single grieving parent no family support no help I want my money back I worked hard for or them to put me in another vehicle that works or fix the car the right way..

We understand that only two negative reviews should not be enough to say that a company has a bad reputation, but that’s not the case. The truth is that we cannot feature all the reviews here. There are many many more of them and even more intense ones.

To make your own judgement, we suggest you look up websites like Yelp, bbb.com, complaintsboard.com, consumerreports and clearsurance to read reviews of both current and past customers of Karz Insurance and then you can judge for yourself.


This post is not to say that Karz insurance is a bad company or that they are a scam,we can not make such statements, no, that is far from it, they’ve proven to be legitimate and many people do make use of their services, The essence of this post is to bring to light what people are saying about Karz from their reviews and we have done just that.

There are positive reviews and there are people for whom Karz insurance is a saviour. They just have bad reviews.


1.Does Karz insurance provide multiple types of insurance coverages?
Yes! Karz insurance offers various coverage options, including Auto coverages, home coverages, life and health coverages and many more to meet diverse insurance needs.

2.What are the common praises in Karz insurance reviews?
Karz insurance has also enjoyed a fair share of positive reviews and the most common ones come in the aspect of customer service and affordability.

Customers have praised Kars insurance for its helpful customer service, affordable premiums and quick and easy claims process.

3.Are negative reviews a cause for concern while considering Karz insurance?
The simple truth is, Yes! Sadly. People can not just help but consider the opinions of those who used the product before them. Not just are there negative reviews, but there are many of them. And really, it is cause for concern.

4.Can customer reviews be relied upon when choosing an insurance provider?
Customer reviews should not be your only basis for choosing an insurance provider, but customer reviews are very valuable. To rely upon them is a personal decision. They can be important to provide direction and opinions, but they can also be misleading some times.

5.Does Karz insurance offer customizable insurable plans?
Yes! This is in fact the business that they are into. They provide customised insurance service to meet the individual needs of their customers.

6.Where can I read Karz insurance reviews?
There are various third party websites that are built for the purpose of customer reviews and ratings of companies. Here are a few of them… Better business bureau (BBB), consumer affairs, and clearsurance.

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