10 Reasons Android Is The Best OS On The Planet

What makes an operating system a good choice for your computer? Some people like Windows, some prefer Mac OS X, and others might be fans of Linux. Now there’s one other option – Android, the alternative mobile operating system that has been praised by many tech experts and users alike. In this article, you’ll learn … Read more

Best Apple iPhone to buy in 2023

Apple is known for its sleek, high-quality products. From your laptop to your smartphone, Apple has a product for every need. The iPhone stands out from the rest as one of the most popular devices in the world. With models like the XS Max, XR, and more on the way, you’ll have plenty of options … Read more

Logitech Pebble M350 Bluetooth Not Working, How To Fix?

Logitech’s Pebble M350 arrives in a huge rock shape. This gadget’s size is about a portion of the size of a typical palm. The matte completion of the plastic makes it sweat-safe. Dust and different particles might get caught inside the fold, which can be effectively cleaned utilizing a brush when the fold is eliminated. … Read more

Fix: Samsung TV Plus Not Working or Not Showing On My TV

Each significant media organization has its own real time feature in some structure or another, and Samsung isn’t any unique. Samsung TV Plus offers north of 100 different live channels selective to individuals who own a Smart TV by the Korean monster. It is a unified center for all-thing diversion and is a help that … Read more

Android vs iPhone: Which OS is best?

The decision on what operating system to choose is a decision every person has to make when buying a new phone, but it is not always an easy decision. Today we are going to take a look at the two most popular operating systems for smartphones and see how they compare.The difference in price is … Read more

God all by yourself by Eben Mp3

God all by yourself by Eben Mp3 download is available for free here. This song by Eben is a throwback but still hot to God’s glory. Eben been a popular Nigerian musician dropped this song some years back and it’s available for free download here today. You can download God all by yourself by Eben … Read more

Law Scholarship for Chinese and Hong Kong students at Carleton University, Canada

Another way to assist students in spending money on their degree is through financial awards. Carleton University is providing its Law Scholarship in Architectural Studies in Canada to help students. Students with outstanding academic achievements entering the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program at Carleton University will be awarded the grant to help cover some expenses … Read more

What Is Programming?

Programming is the process of converting ideas into set of instructions for the computer to execute. These instructions need to be specific and sequential. Programming is similar to how we make a recipe. Take for example, you want to prepare a plate of rice. There will be a certain amount of water in the pot … Read more