Call for Application // for Young Graduates: Sanlam Group Marketing Graduate Program 2025

Sanlam Group Marketing Graduate Program 2025

Applications are now open for the Sanlam Group Marketing Graduate Program 2025 for young graduates. Here’s how to apply:

The Sanlam Group is looking for Africa’s brightest minds who want to contribute to making a real difference through confidence and collaboration.

The Sanlam Group is on the hunt for talented individuals across Africa! Here’s a breakdown of what their statement means:

  1. Africa’s Brightest Minds: They’re seeking high-caliber individuals with strong skills and knowledge relevant to the financial services industry. This could include expertise in areas like finance, insurance, investments, technology, or data analysis.
  2. Making a Real Difference: Sanlam emphasizes the impact you’d have by working with them. It suggests their work goes beyond just profit; they aim to create positive change in Africa.
  3. Confidence and Collaboration: They value individuals who are self-assured in their abilities but also understand the importance of teamwork. Success at Sanlam likely involves working effectively with colleagues to achieve shared goals.

In simpler terms, Sanlam is looking for talented and passionate people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves and contribute to positive development in Africa. They value both individual excellence and the power of collaboration.

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This is a traditional marketing position that will support a small internal marketing team.

Your broad marketing responsibilities would include corporate communications, event coordination, logistics facilitation, client interaction, media orientation, brand management, and general assistance with deliverables.

  1. Supporting the marketing team with general marketing activities
  2. Assisting with the production of marketing materials and literature
  3. Coordinating the production of a variety of marketing communications
  4. Providing support for marketing events and exhibitions, as required
  5. Assisting with the collation of information for promotional literature
  6. Updating and maintaining the marketing department’s documentation and databases
  7. Managing events, booking venues, and ordering marketing materials.

Here’s a breakdown of the broad marketing responsibilities you might encounter:

  1. Corporate Communications: You’ll be involved in crafting and delivering the company’s message to various audiences. This could involve writing press releases, managing social media accounts, or creating internal communications for employees.

  2. Event Coordination: You’ll play a key role in planning and executing marketing events, such as trade shows, product launches, or conferences. This might involve tasks like booking venues, securing speakers, coordinating logistics, and managing budgets.

  3. Logistics Facilitation: You’ll ensure the smooth running of marketing initiatives by handling logistical tasks. This could involve ordering promotional materials, arranging travel for staff attending events, or managing deadlines for projects.

  4. Client Interaction: You’ll be the bridge between the marketing team and clients. This could involve responding to client inquiries, creating presentations, or attending client meetings to gather feedback.

  5. Media Orientation: You’ll prepare materials and coordinate interactions with media outlets. This might involve writing press kits, scheduling media interviews, or monitoring media coverage.

  6. Brand Management: You’ll contribute to maintaining a consistent and positive brand image. This could involve tasks like managing brand guidelines, developing marketing collateral (like brochures or presentations) that adhere to the brand identity, or monitoring brand sentiment online.

  7. General Assistance with Deliverables: You’ll provide support to the marketing team in meeting deadlines and achieving project goals. This could involve tasks like data entry, research, proofreading marketing materials, or assisting with creative projects.

Overall, these responsibilities highlight a well-rounded marketing role where you’ll wear many hats. You’ll be involved in various aspects of getting the marketing message out there, from planning and logistics to client interaction and brand management.

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Sanlam Group Marketing Graduate Program Qualification and Experience

  1. B. Com Marketing or other equivalent degrees with Communications, Marketing, or related major subjects

Knowledge and Skills

Sound, level knowledge in the following core areas:

  1. Effective project management skills
  2. Marketing principles
  3. Strong copywriting skills
  4. Ability to communicate complex ideas
  5. Strong administrative and organisational skills

Personal Attributes

  1. Plans and aligns – contributes independently
  2. Communicates effectively – contributes independently
  3. Action orientated – contributes independently
  4. Optimises work processes – contributes independently
  5. Resilience  – contributes independently
  6. Customer focus – contributes independently

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Sanlam Group Marketing Graduate Program Values

  1. Care – contributes independently
  2. Collaboration – contributes independently
  3. Innovation – contributes independently
  4. Integrity – contributes independently

Application Deadline: 31 May 2024.

For More Information:

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