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A popular gospel singer Obiwon, Recently recorded and released a new song titled “Good & bad “.Which has be trending since its launched and so far recorded as one of the best selling track of the artist.
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Good and Bad lyrics by obiwon

There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell ya
Its about time I let you know how I feel, uh

Rap 1
Let me get a little deeper boy you’re a keeper
I need to show you how you dey give me fever
Keep your pills I ain’t sick
I don’t say this to just any Tom and Dick and Harry
You make me fly like I’m a fairy in a fairy tale
Happily ever after our love won’t fail

Every other love I’ve had next to this one pales
You’re number one on every scale
I feel like you need to know
U got the type of love I need and I wanna grow
Old waking up to everyday
And you forever say to me the three words u say hey
Like Djinee told you “I no dey shame for you”
And I even ready to change my last name
For you see as you turn Blaise to mumu
Your love dey do me, oya make I do you

Obi mu o…uso mu o
Obi mu o…baby mu o
Nwanyi oma…nwoke oma
omalicha nwa!
Obi mu o…ezigbo oyi mu o
Obi mu o…enyi m oma
Love mu o
Onye m huru n’anya (2ce)

Rap 2
(listen its M.I girl)
Let me write you a story
You and I going from the guts to glory
Getting married a top a 40-storey
Me and my girl me and mi amorie
I used to talk bad and derogatory
Then your mature and sure and calm demeanour
You took the simple dude and made him cleaner
It’s like you turned a skateboard to a beamer

And these other girls appeal
They sweet but I wanna eat a 3-course meal
I wanna settle down with a love that’s real
You can’t buy love but you fit that bill
Let me foot that bill, let me spit that real
Let me cook that meal, let me get that deal
And you can just chill
but first u gotta say I will

Rap 3
(da di da di da da da)

I’ve found a wife, found a friend
found a sister all in one
Ibo boi Illbliss, obi mu o the remix
Thank God I found you
Got a lot of men all trying to wife you
Yes I go build my life around you
Stand behind you may I remind you (what)

I’m a man of my words
Took a little time but I’m back for you
Even when I left you for jand
People talk say oyibo don carry am go oh
But I know better, you a go getter
Beautiful and so mature
Everything about you so motherly
Cook properly, clean properly (wha..what)

Verse 4
As I see you so na love
I dey see in your eye girl
When I look harder I see
My daughter in your eye girl
Make we do now now make I take you
Walking down the aisle girl
‘Cause you be my God’s gift and you making me

Shine girl
So let’s make it
Official, we fit see Pastor
Though it seems I’m going faster, but that na
So another man no go come dey sharper
Plus my life’s another chapter
Girl I’m doing it right this time it’s gonna be all proper
Girl you got me flowing like rapper
Tell your mama and papa I dey come
Baby mu o, you’ve got obi mu o..oo..oo…..

…baby mu o
Nwanyi oma…nwoke oma
omalicha nwa!
Obi mu o…ezigbo oyi mu o
Obi mu o…enyi m oma
Love mu o
Onye m huru n’anya
said I’m gonna love you
forever and ever and ever…

my my my, my my my, my my my my…
my my my…
my my my…

my… my my my, my my my, my…
my my my…
Nke mu o, nke chi nyere mu o…

Uh huh uuh…
Uh huh uuh…
Uh huh uuh…


Obi Mu O = My heart
Uso Mu O = My Sweet (one)
Baby Mu O = My baby

Nwanyi oma = Good woman
Nwoke oma = Good man
Omalichanwa = Fine child
Ezigbo oyi mu o = My best friend
Enyi m oma = My good friend
Love Mu O = My love
Onye m huru n’anya = The one I love