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Hero by Tim Godfrey mp3 Download & lyrics

Download and play the latest song titled “Hero” recorded and released in the year 2021 by Tim Godfrey a famous Nigerian artist. this song is full of inspiration kindly Download the mp3 here for free.
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Download Hero By Tim Godfrey Mp3 +audio

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Lyrics of Hero by Tim Godfrey

Wetin i for do who i for call o
If e no be you how i for run o
Baba o, na you rescue me e e e
No money for pocket,
no food to eat,
my shoe na so so alignment, no house to
You come rescue me,
that’s why you be my hero

Oh na only you be my Hero
Na on only you i go follow
Why you love me so….
Even when i don loose hope
Everybody give me long rope
You come rescue me
That’s why you be my hero oh

Na so dem dey call me mumu
Their mouth dey chop me like fufu
Dem yab, dem laugh me, reject me, eject me,
dem even say i no go school,
Thank you baba u no dey look face, thank you
baba you no get two face, na you rescue me
That’s why you be my hero.

Bridge 1.
I dey lonely, only me,
You come love me
Come lift me
My spirit, my soul take control, my heart and
my love
My hero hero

When dem reject me, eject me, dem wound
me, dem wan kpai me, dem no know say na
because of you i still dey o!

Na only be my hero
Na only you i go follow.