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New song – Prologue by Buchi Download

Buchi is a popular Nigerian gospel singer, he recently released a new album song titled “Prologue” . This song will make your day. Download the mp3 here for free

Download Prologue By Buchi Mp3 +audio

Download Mp3

Prologue by lyrics by Buchi

I was cooking in my kitchen
When i heard some leviticle songs
So i came down to worship
To worship him who call for the water of the sea
And pour them down again
Upon the face of the earth
Rain is not the reason that i write my love to you
But i sing this love to you
For even the beauty of Rhym and rhyme’s
Would Demi my love for you
I offer my heart undress
Bare and true
As you did your body
When on Calvary cross the oder might
Infirmities nailed
Your pain my victory
Blessed paradox
Rhym is not the reason that i sing my love to you
The reason is the cross