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The popular gospel singer Obiwon, Recently recorded and released a new song titled “Victorious”.Which has be trending as it launched and so far recorded as one of the best selling track of the artist.
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Victorious lyrics by Obiwon

I feel a certain spirit stirring up in me And when it comes i′m being all that i can be yeah.
I’m rising up above my fears and challenges,
The comforter is sparking up my abilities, yeah.
No matter what they say,

Laugh and jab and criticize.
They may riddicle me.
Can′t deny this feeling.
Yes i know the truth will stay.
I know my faith won’t fail.
The day will come to show what’s already done.
Then the world will know that i′m.

Victorious i won with Jesus.
Trials, battles only for a short season.
Victorious, won with Jesus.
Because of You oh risen Christ be it in life or death i′d live in victory.
Victorious. victorious.
Victorious. victorious.

If you’re a soldier of Christ come follow me sing.
None can′t hold me down, no chains strong enough to keep me locked down.
My faith is the key to my elevation, moving on to the light of my destination.

The storm may come with rage. tempest of pain and persecution. tired, weary like my feet will fail me. faith stretched to its celestial city. my soul no don’t you fear, fear not. cos i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Victorious, victorious. i won with Jesus, won with Jesus. trials, battles are only for a short season. victorious, victorious.
I won with Jesus, won with Jesus. because of You oh risen Christ be it in life or death, i′d live in victory, victory.
Victorious, victorious, victorious. victorious, victorious, victorious.

Onward christian soldiers, marching as to war, eehhh.
And i know one day with outstretched arms we’ll go through walls and glasses, roofs and cars and graves and feel no pain, no pain. eehh.

And the shouts of the world would be heard below with the wind in our faces from all races,
Feeling go through the height and space,
Transformed as we meet with you. oh Jesus, Jesus in the air in the beauty of eternity,

Sights, sounds and feelings more beautiful than anything we′ve ever felt.
Oh Jesus, Jesus strengthen me in this road i need more grace.
Jesus, Jesus strengthen me in service till i see You face to face.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
Victorious, victorious, victorious, victorious.